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Our Story

Patrick and Rick first started bottling wine together in 2014. The first vintage was made just for family and friends (and personal use of course).

They were so happy with their wine that they decided to take the wine to the market.

Meet the Team

Just one big, happy family kind of a business...

bogie copy



Definitely the leader of the pack, although he may be the one to most likely get into trouble.

His actions in public have caused a recent
drop in our stock price.

cooper copy


Entertainment Manager

Cooper is always the life of the party. Unfortunately he is the guy at the party that doesn’t know when to stop.

annie copy


Head of Security

She may seem like a sweet girl, but you definitely do not want to get on her bad side.

She really gets upset if you steal a glass of wine from someone.

gus copy


Job Title Uncertain

The black sheep of the family. Gus does his own thing and doesn’t like to follow the rules.



Winery Celebrity

She's a total diva. She could be a Kardashian.
Her name is Paris.

Back to the wine...

In all seriousness, buy a bottle of our wine, then relax and sip with your own family and friends who may or may not be extra furry. Any day, any friends and any time, that's our kind of wine.